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3040 W. Hopkins St. Milwaukee WI 53216
Phone: (414) 449-9396
Fax: (414) 449-9427

Welcome to B83 Testing & Engineering

B83 Testing & Engineering is an engineer-owned, ISO accredited independent testing organization providing vibration, environmental, structural durability and applications specific testing to companies from all industry sectors, located in all corners of the world.

We understand your budget constraints, tight timelines and other obstacles you face with your product testing needs.  At B83, we strive to exceed your expectations and deliver in spite of these challenges.

Be Confident

Testing instills confidence by verifying your product design and manufacturing processes. Additional benefits include:

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Reduced Liability and Risk Improved Customer Satisfaction
Lowered Warranty Costs Expanded Product Functionality
Enhanced Company Image Lowered Insurance Costs

B83 understands your need to have confidence in test results. Our engineers and technicians work closely with you to design and perform your specific tests. We help you obtain the information you need to make better decisions with respect to your product designs and manufacturing processes.

3040 W. Hopkins St. Milwaukee WI 53216
(414) 449-9396
Contact Us Quote Request About Us Resources Sitemap